Machan Taylor - Everywhere I Go

Official Music Video for Machan's Everywhere I Go - remix 2022
Machan Taylor, takes us with her on a beaustiful journey through life and music.

Simi Stone - Two Worlds

Official Music Video from Simi's album, The Rescue. 'Mountain Motown' at it's finest - A phrase coined by the outrageously talented Simi Stone herself, to describe her unique musical style!

Foster McGinty - Curious Pretenders

A Nashville superstar's childhood tale
Official selection of the Woodstock Film Festival

Burnell Pines - Days Gone By

A Psychedelic Musical Journey
Official selection of the Woodstock Film Festival

Foster McGinty - No Sign of the Shadow

Live shows & behind the scenes w/ Foster & Chelsea as they record, The Lucy Stone at DreamLand Studios

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