Client Reviews

We purple heart our Clients

I have watched 1000 times already.  You have made me look so good!  The head of Nickelodeon in LA already replied to my manager, Ric, last night, that his two kids (3 and 5 years old) watched them like 3 times each....and "HAD" to go outside to do it for real.  Then they left him a voice mail with the kid saying, "thank you for teaching me how to play baseball."  It was very rewarding! I am in awe...for how your talent shines through into my videos!!!! Total awe!

- Kevin Christofora - Author of The Hometown Allstars

Great people to work with! If you are planning an event I strongly recommend you contact Out of the Woods Productions.

- Joe Russo - Musician - Furthur/Joe Russo's Almost Dead

Heidi and Jeffrey are a dream team. From our first meeting about our music video, 'Curious Pretenders', they were excited and passionate and brought so many incredible ideas to the table. They are a completely hands on team and go above and beyond to execute your vision to the fullest. From concepts and camera techniques to costumes and hanging out of car windows to capture the perfect shots--you just can't get any better than these two!

- Chelsea McGinty - singer - Foster McGinty

OMG!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Laughing and crying! Greg's songs, love the warp speed! Great, great job you two! Love you!!!!

- Courtney B - Event Client

I am sitting here feeling like I hit the lotto. Your work is exactly what I had been looking for, its just perfect for me!

- Karen Schrowang - Owner - laV Beauty

You guys are amazing!!!!!! I can't thank you enough - literally in goosebumps of joy! 

- Courtney U - Event Client