Rolle Custom Cycles

Custom Motorcycles by Hudson Valley artist, Steve Morris - COMMERCIAL

You Know You Want It - Random House

Costume designer (Billions, Gossip Girl, Sex in the city) /Author Eric Daman’s Fashion forward book - COMMERCIAL

Bungee Beast - The bungee tamer!

Bungee Chord organizer - COMMERCIAL

Peace Love JERKY Treats

All Natural, Homemade Jerky treats for dogs - COMMERCIAL

CHIARA ~ Fall For Her | Heaven Scent Commercial

Artist's designer scent ~ White Sands, NM - commercial + social marketing



NY Post - Bob Dylan's phone number

A way for fans to call Bob and leave a message on his old Woodstock, NY number! - social content

ANGEL Photo Series | BTS w/ Juliet Lofaro Photo

BTS​ with Woodstock / NYC Photographer, Juliet Lofaro for her Angel Photo Series - commercial + social marketing

The Pines Restaurant

A lil sneak peek of The Catskills coolest new restaurant / bar / lounge - marketing video

The Hometown All Stars

Children’s book series by Author Kevin Christofora - marketing video

James Ferrara photography

Weddings, headshots, portraits, lifestyle photographs - in studio or on location - marketing video

JTD Productions

DJ entertainment services & beyond, piloted by Dave Leonard - marketing video

Think Crucial - Tutorial

Think Crucial / Crucial Vacuum how to - marketing video

Vacation Rental House

Air B'n'B rental house - it's been booked solid, because it's fab, but this video didn’t hurt ;) - marketing video

Land Rover - AIDF Sponsor

An awesome all-terrain Land Rover vehicle at Aid & International Development Forum, Washington D.C. - marketing video

When searching for a product or service, video is paramount these days. It is something people LOVE to see, and more & more EXPECT to see. 64% of people say they are more willing to buy a product online after watching a video about it. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Your prospects would much prefer receiving your information in a way they actually want to engage with, as opposed to another lengthy sales email, or product description. Video is also very easily searchable, bringing your website/brand higher up on search engines, increasing your SEO, which is a necessity for drawing in new clientele.

We use our own unique style, experience, and creativity in illustrating your brand, like no one else can. We are super passionate about producing fabulous, high end work, that is nothing short of perfection.